Important Dates

 Spotty Bear Show  8th August 2016
Daffodil Day  26th August 2016
Book Week  20th August 2016 
Father's Day  4th September 2016

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The staff at Cuddlepie believe in the importance of preparing children for school. They also believe in the value of learning through play. We believe that it is through play and concrete experiences that children develop cognitive, physical creative, emotional and social skills. A commitment to high quality educational and stimulating daily programs aids us in creating a positive and rewarding environment in which children can grow and thrive.

Art Programs

Our annual art exhibition, held in October, highlights the amazing array of artworks completed by the children. Each child shows at least one major piece, which they have worked on throughout the year. The artworks are for sale and the money raised funds the art program for the following year.

Community Gardens

Cuddlepie families are encouraged to form connections with their community. One way we do this is the be part of the Garden to Kitchen program at Wingham Community Gardens. The preschool children have a monthly walking excursion, or a visitor, to plant seeds, tend the garden, and eat their harvest!

Aged Care Visits

The preschoolers have developed a relationship with the local Nursing Home.  We call it, “visiting the elderly”.  Once a month we walk to the Nursing Home and the children sing songs to the residents.  We are building relationships between the older and younger members of the community.  This enriches the lives of both the children and the residents.

Visits from the Local Library

Further involvement in the life of the wider community is our visits from the library. Cheryl comes to Cuddlepie once a month to read stories to the children.  She also provides craft activities for the children to utilise after she has been. The children look forward to their time with Cheryl.